The Ram Floor Tech Guarantee

Our company was founded on the belief that anything can be made new again. Our specialized equipment and cleaning solution pulls out grime and dirt that can damage your carpet and grout. We guarantee that our service will leave your carpet and tile looking new again.

Our Summer Special

3 AreasĀ 

Tile, Grout, Carpet, or Mix and Match


What Our Service Includes


Our special designed equiupment delicately but throughly cleans up all the grime, dirt or stains on your tile.


Many of us don’t even know the originally color of the grout in our homes. Our cleaning method will get your grout look new again.


We unknowingly trample on our carpets collecting dirt, grime and germs on the same carpet we lay on. It may be time to clean your carpet


Couches, car or truck. We can pull out deep uphostery stains from 99% of materials and fabrics.

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